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Today, I was supposed to attend a rehearsal for the school play. Upon arriving at the school at the right time, I found it to be locked. Every door I tried was locked and the library was closed, too. This was odd because the library is always open on a Saturday… But, yeah. So I went home instead. No biggy. It’s just pissed me off a little.


Relax, Lesley

It’s been a pretty busy week for me. I mean, we were only in school for three days but I had rehearsal from 3pm until 6pm on Tuesday and again yesterday from 9am until 9pm. That was a very productive rehearsal. I do like how this play is coming along, it’s definitely gonna be ready for Thursday and Friday next week! The only problem with it is the second song because the solo lines of the secondary characters (including me) are pretty weak… I hate the line I have in it because I just can’t sing it loud enough… My confidence sucks.