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Yes, I’m despairing. It’s raining underneath my protective umbrella.
After catching this fucking cold, I’ve had one and a half days off of school; missed two parties; missed two rehearsal (one of which was trés important); sat three exams that I’ve probably failed; and had the desire to sleep for an elongated period of time. I’ve also been forced to quit the school play parce que je ne serai pas prêt pour cela and I’ll probably be ill on the night(s).
So. All those hours of preperation for the school play will have been pour rien and, frankly, a waste. I have this week and next week to finish my Product Design coursework; I probably won’t be in school for the majority of this week. I’ve probably missed the introduction to the AS English Language and Literature coursework. I’ve missed two hours of art and probably will miss more so I’ll be even more behind. I’ll likely fail my French exam and coursework. And I’ll be in a terribly pessimiste mood for une longue période now.
I feel sorry for you lot having to deal with me. Though “you lot” probably refers to a maximum of five people, if that, who I actually talk about my problems with. Thinking about it, it’s probably just the one person because I don’t feel like I can talk to people about my problems anymore; et c’est surtout de leur faute.


Wanna Play A Game?

Walking to school this morning with Beckie and Freckles wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. That may have been because I thought, by the end of it, one of us was going to be in agony – and it wouldn’t be me.
Consequently, it was me who ended up in agony. But not in the same way I first meant it. No, I had to endure mental torment because Freckles called me the fabled nickname I have unwillingly and begrudgingly adopted since I had my hair cut short.
So, in response to me calling him “Freckles”, Freckles called me by that name. Little does he fucking know, I’m tormented on a regular basis by that fucking name and don’t exactly fucking appreciate being called it. Is he tormented on a daily fucking basis by “Freckles”? No. I don’t think so.
Freckles, just because you’re so insecure that you still can’t let your girlfriend (or probably anybody around you) have an inside joke, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me.
If I have the brain and gene pattern typically found in psychopaths, you’d better fucking watch out, darlin’.

Today, I was supposed to attend a rehearsal for the school play. Upon arriving at the school at the right time, I found it to be locked. Every door I tried was locked and the library was closed, too. This was odd because the library is always open on a Saturday… But, yeah. So I went home instead. No biggy. It’s just pissed me off a little.

Good Morning, World… Now Leave Me Alone

As you can see, I didn’t wake up in the best of moods today. I set an alarm on my DS to wake me up at 6am… I woke up at 6am, turned my DS off and contemplated getting up. I fell asleep. Then I woke up at 7:36am… So, with 24 minutes to get up and get ready… I got up… In a bad mood… I hate waking up late.
Despite the bad mood and 24 minutes to get up and get ready, I managed to get out of the house… Almost… On time. Though I found that my milk had been used up last night and nobody told me and my phone hadn’t been put on charge at all last night. Great. I have no hopes of listening to music in school today. I have to listen to people instead. Fuck my life.
So after all this, I began walking to school. I engaged in my usual routine of checking blogs, email and Facebook…
Facebook has been rather depressing for me lately because it only reinforces the notion that people don’t seem to tell me anything anymore. So do some blogs I read. It stands to reason that email couldn’t do that but it pisses me off because it seems that only half my emails get through.
I have normal lessons today, as opposed to the five hour art mock exam yesterday and the five hour drama mock exam tomorrow. It’s Children In Need day tomorrow. Non-uniform, too.
Yesterday also happened to be mum’s birthday. She was smiling a lot. It was great to see her like that. Grandad turned up too. He turned up just in time for cake (cakey senses?). The cake just happened to be an Aero Bubbles cake. And I just happen to have a fondness for Aero. Mix it with wine, and I’m set for the night. No, I’m not an alcoholic.
Luckily, it looks like I won’t be late for school.

Until this day, I had never eaten an actual raspberry. I’d eaten raspberry yoghurts but not raspberries themselves. I had a raspberry earlier and I did not stop eating them until I realised the box had become empty. I love raspberries. They are amazing works of fruit. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, it still counts. Right?
Earlier today, while I was happily eating my new found favourite berry, I discovered strawberries aren’t actually berries was discussing random things about school and GCSEs with the friend whose house it is I am sojourning in. She was worried she may not get the science GCSEs required to work in the medical proffession. Eventually the conversation progressed to the availability of jobs and whether or not it’s even worth obtaining these mediocre qualifications for all they are worth. We came to the conclusion that it probably isn’t. Go figure, man.

More Essays?

I’ve come to wonder how one English teacher can ask for so many essays. It’s taxing my brain heavily to write anything, let alone anything decent. If I can’t write the best that I’m capable of, I just can’t write at all. That’s how I work… If I can, I will; if I can’t, I won’t. Simple, right? After all, there’s only so much I can say about the melancholy Gothic literature of Frankenstein. How do I comment on the style when all Frankenstein does in the extract is drone on about mountains and the sublimity of nature? Maaaann… My brain hurts.


I woke up too early this morning. I slept better last night though… Still not exactly amazingly or anything because of this stupid heat… I’m fine now though. Only problem being that I have to face my English teacher later. He took the books in to mark last lesson… And I hadn’t done the essay he set for homework… I tried, I honestly did try. But my mind was too preoccupied to think so anything I wrote wouldn’t have made sense. Ah well?

Paper Round? No…

I thought about it today… For most of the day, actually… And I came to the conclusion that I feel absolutely terrible by the time I get home from school and I’d feel worse after a paper round. So sadly, I don’t have the mental capability for a paper round. Ah well… It’s probably my own fault, too.


I set off at the start of this year with the intention of staying on top of my school work and concentrating. Already, I lack the focus I intended on having but I’m pretty sure I can stay on top of my homework.

I still have the same attitude towards my artwork as I did last year. This won’t help at all. If anything, it will stem the production. Not to mention I no longer feel very confident in my artwork.

I think I might print off some anime/manga pictures later. I want to try and get back into drawing them… Maybe that will help.

We Are All Connected

“No matter where you are… everyone is always connected.” – Lain Iwakura, Serial Experiments Lain.

I watched a film today, and when I say “watched” I mean I actually watched it this time because I had minimal distractions. Minimal distractions in my house is still distractions enough for you to miss half of the film, seeing as though I have three noisy siblings living at home and very loud parents but nobody was texting me at that point because they were either preoccupied or asleep. Gotta be one of the best times to watch a film in my house.

Anyway, as I was saying… The film I watched was called The Social Network. It was an interesting film, not much in the ways of comedy, horror, or any other strong genre, it was just thought provoking. It was all about the making of Facebook. Everybody knows Facebook, even the people who don’t use it, and watching that film just made me even more aware of just how much citizens of The Digital Age (us) rely on popular social networks such as Facebook, while leaving behind less popular networks like MySpace and Friendster.

While writing this blog entry, I got severely distracted by my parents and siblings telling me to do useless, mundane things like eat and fetch a plate or whatever and watch this dumb video on YouTube which I have no interest in at all. But I guess I’m distracted anyway because I should be doing the art homework that is due in tomorrow.

There’s another one. YouTube. I’ve never really been overly interested in YouTube except to watch anime. I don’t have an account and have never uploaded any videos of myself on any accounts. I considered it once but I figured I’d just get mocked for one thing or another at school so why bother? I guess it could have opened up all sorts of opportunities for me, had the “right” person checked out my video but it’s all about luck. If you never try you’ll never fail; but you won’t succeed either. You can quote me on that, if you so wish. Maybe one day I’ll upload a video of myself. With the right reasons and persuasion, I’ll agree to a multitude of things (that’s what she said).

“That’s what she said” jokes are also a little overrated but I find them quite hilarious sometimes. Depends what mood I’m in and what the joke is. Light hearted humour is always great. Nobody appreciates light humour anymore, they have to resort to insensitive jokes about stereotypes, disabled people and members of other religions or race.

That’s the problem with people these days: they have a vast mass of insensitivity, so much so that they could drown in it! I try my best to be morally superior to those insensitive degenerates but I can’t say I’m better than everyone else. After all, aren’t we all supposed to be equal? Seems not. The lowest of society ARE the insensitive degenerates who make terrible jokes and think they’re better than everyone else. And the government. The government seem to have fucked up the eco system and all that shit with their make believe stories of how everything will be better in the end. Here’s the truth: society couldn’t be more fucked up if it tried. Bar none.