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This Is Just The Beginning

The first week (I say week but it was only three days long) of school this year weren’t bad. I guess. I received a multitude of GCSE exam results from a number of subjects. I guess I didn’t do too bad. The worst was Chemistry unit 2. I got a C. I’m considering a resit. In RE, I got a B and an A*. That wasn’t too bad. In Physics I got an A, which completes all three Physics units. But I have to resit them all because my overall grade is only 24 marks away from an A*… Great. At least it gives me something to do in those lessons. In Biology unit 2, I got an A. The best result I got was an A* in English Literature, which I am quite happy with because I wouldn’t have had a chance to resit it, considering that was the last English Literature exam the exam board will ever do. So, all in all, I’m happy with my results. Even so, I’ve decided to try harder this year because I slacked off considerably last year…



I had a strange dream. It woke me up at roughly 4:30am (again!). It was about my R.E. exam, strangely enough. Me and a handful of my “friends” from school were sitting the paper in a classroom (for some unknown reason…) and they finished before I did. I got to the second section and then this woman with brown hair came in and told us we had half an hour left and then stood around for a bit. In, like, five minutes, she started talking to us and then put some boxes down on my paper (I wasn’t finished). When I asked her to move them, she smiled sickeningly sweetly at me and refused. Then we had an arguement and I stormed out and ended up late to some assembly or other and my dumb head of house listened to what I said about it but did nothing. So I went home. Then apparently I’d sent my head teacher a raunchy text with something about candles that wasn’t meant for him… It was a strange dream, indeed.

I’m not even stressed about my exams! I’m worried about the work I’ll have to catch up on and the homework I need to do. More so all the art I need to do to catch up. I haven’t even started it! And I have to give in my book to be marked on Thursday! I’ve missed so many lessons… And I just can’t be bothered to do it…


I’m actually amazed. Since half term ended and we went back to school, I’ve been sleeping in by about 40 minutes… Still getting to school on time, mind, but the lie in leaves no time for breakfast or anything… But today an alarm actually woke me up. It wasn’t mine but it was still an alarm and it woke me up at about 6:45am… Just under an hour earlier than I have been waking up… What made this happen? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it has something to do with me falling asleep on MSN last night… Either way, I woke up early. On a Friday.