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Sleep Well?

I just woke up from an average night’s sleep. Not the worst night’s sleep or the best or even the longest that I’ve had in the past few days. My baby sister woke me up by climbing into the bed I’d fallen asleep in; she does a great starfish impression. She also: rolls over; punches the person closest to her (uh, me); insists said person hugs her, then refuses to be hugged; kicks said person; etc, etc. But, like I say, it wasn’t a bad night’s sleep.
I went to bed at about 10pm after falling asleep on MSN. It doesn’t matter that I fell asleep, however, because nobody seemed to want to talk to me. Thanks, guys.
I woke up at who knows what time when my sister climbed into bed with me and then didn’t get back to sleep for an hour or so. When I got back to sleep, I emerged from slumber at about 9am.
The two nights before, I got very little sleep; like, four hours each night or so. That may have been because I knew my darling Shaan-kun was sleeping below me and I didn’t really want to sleep through even a second of his visit; but I’ll talk about that in another post.


My baby sister is four today! She’s come to the realisation that, on her birthday, she can get away with pretty much anything. She has been bossy all day – she’s loving it. Her favourite presents, evidently, are the “Zhu Zhu Pets” and the wooden kitchen thingy. Though she won’t cook the little hamster things in the oven of the kitchen thingy so she’s not mixing the two presents together. One of her presents scared her. She hid in my jacket. She’s been playing with it now though so it’s all good.

It’s my younger sister’s birthday and also the last day of school. My sister is annoying most of the time and moody. But I love her. When she’s not moody or annoying, she’s fun to talk to – not that many people give her a chance, naming no names.

Anyway, I decided to write her a poem. I’m not sure why though but whatever, man. So here it is:

I lived a year, before
you awoke. A year and,
oh, how many months?
Two. Yes, two. I was
fourteen months
old. Fourteen months
and five days. You
screamed as you left
the comfort of mommy’s
womb – I was in there
once, you know. I
didn’t want to leave

Look at you, growing up!
We grew and fought
loved and taught
We learned, too.
Teaming up against
our sibling, and then
siblings, we were
unstoppable! Or so
I like to think.

And now. Look at you now.
Fifteen – I thought the
day would never come!
You still seem so young,
cute, naive. Next year,
sixteen. But you’re still
a child! My baby sis.

Unfair And Unjust

I got in trouble with my parents earlier. Maybe it was the way I dealt with things that pissed my dad off or maybe it was the fact that he just can’t stand it when I’m the one that’s right. I had my phone taken off me (oh the horror! I love sarcasm) and made to sit down “thinking about what I’d done” like a fucking child. What I’d done was stood up for myself in the face of injustice. My younger sister was treating me like shit so I told her she couldn’t borrow the stuff she needed from me and I wouldn’t move just because she didn’t like where I was sitting. Okay, maybe I was just being stubborn but I don’t have to let her borrow my stuff and she doesn’t control what I do. I am thoroughly sick of how people treat me. No matter how confident I try to seem or what kind of aura I try to give off, I still get the odd obnoxious brat who thinks he’s better than everyone else spitting on me. Maybe I really will have to kick shit in someone before people actually see that I’m not to be fucking messed with. I also noticed that I’ve been spitting out a lot more profanities as of late. Ah well.