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I revisited this blog to… Well, basically to advertise myself.

I have some links I want you guys to check out.

The first is my Facebook page.

The second, a competition I’m currently entered in. Link is here. I’d appreciate it if you’d all vote for me and share it around so I get more votes because I’d really like to at least be in the top five!

The third, my profile on Assets Casting Agency.

So, yeah, share these links around, guys. Thanks a lot. Much love.


I’ve noticed that, since deactivating my Facebook account, the only person I ever get to have a proper conversation with is my darling Shaan-kun. However, deactivating my Facebook account would never have affected this because he doesn’t have Facebook. Smart guy.
The majority of the people I was “friends” with on Facebook have my email or my phone number or both. Two people, and two people only, bothered to ask where my Facebook account disappeared to. Those same two people have spoken to me, like, once since.
No, no, of course this doesn’t bother me. I’m not really an important aspect of anybody’s life and I’m totally fine with people only talking to me when they want something from me. So, by all means, pick and choose when you want to be fucking friends with me.
Go on; I dare you.