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Alright, Can We Get Some Carrots In Here?

The power went out today so I sat downstairs in the candlelight and checked Facebook using my mobile internet. Low and behold, that butch bitch who bugged me the other day was arguing on my photo with one of my best friends.
Now, this particular friend is amazing. I thank her for saying all the things I never had the courage to say because, frankly, I’m afriad of conflict. Naturally. Once it gets going, I’m fine. I just don’t like starting it.
It ended up that her girlfriend got involved. If she needs her girlfriend to come save her then she’s pathetic. I never asked my friends to get involved. She probably requested her girlfriend save her from the wrath of the fucking truth. Did I bring my boyfriend into the arguement when she insulted me? I did not. I dealt with it myself because I’m a mature person.
So after spouting profanities, she started using idiotic sarcasm. How mature, huh?
So, in the end, it became another same old story. We’ll call this one “The Butch Who Cried Bitch.”

We Are All Connected

“No matter where you are… everyone is always connected.” – Lain Iwakura, Serial Experiments Lain.

I watched a film today, and when I say “watched” I mean I actually watched it this time because I had minimal distractions. Minimal distractions in my house is still distractions enough for you to miss half of the film, seeing as though I have three noisy siblings living at home and very loud parents but nobody was texting me at that point because they were either preoccupied or asleep. Gotta be one of the best times to watch a film in my house.

Anyway, as I was saying… The film I watched was called The Social Network. It was an interesting film, not much in the ways of comedy, horror, or any other strong genre, it was just thought provoking. It was all about the making of Facebook. Everybody knows Facebook, even the people who don’t use it, and watching that film just made me even more aware of just how much citizens of The Digital Age (us) rely on popular social networks such as Facebook, while leaving behind less popular networks like MySpace and Friendster.

While writing this blog entry, I got severely distracted by my parents and siblings telling me to do useless, mundane things like eat and fetch a plate or whatever and watch this dumb video on YouTube which I have no interest in at all. But I guess I’m distracted anyway because I should be doing the art homework that is due in tomorrow.

There’s another one. YouTube. I’ve never really been overly interested in YouTube except to watch anime. I don’t have an account and have never uploaded any videos of myself on any accounts. I considered it once but I figured I’d just get mocked for one thing or another at school so why bother? I guess it could have opened up all sorts of opportunities for me, had the “right” person checked out my video but it’s all about luck. If you never try you’ll never fail; but you won’t succeed either. You can quote me on that, if you so wish. Maybe one day I’ll upload a video of myself. With the right reasons and persuasion, I’ll agree to a multitude of things (that’s what she said).

“That’s what she said” jokes are also a little overrated but I find them quite hilarious sometimes. Depends what mood I’m in and what the joke is. Light hearted humour is always great. Nobody appreciates light humour anymore, they have to resort to insensitive jokes about stereotypes, disabled people and members of other religions or race.

That’s the problem with people these days: they have a vast mass of insensitivity, so much so that they could drown in it! I try my best to be morally superior to those insensitive degenerates but I can’t say I’m better than everyone else. After all, aren’t we all supposed to be equal? Seems not. The lowest of society ARE the insensitive degenerates who make terrible jokes and think they’re better than everyone else. And the government. The government seem to have fucked up the eco system and all that shit with their make believe stories of how everything will be better in the end. Here’s the truth: society couldn’t be more fucked up if it tried. Bar none.