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I have a song I wrote stuck in my head. The problem with that is: I only wrote a few lines and they are circling around and around my head continuously. I figure I really need to write the rest of that song, along with others that I haven’t finished yet. Maybe, by the end of year, I’ll have written three or four more songs and the majority still won’t have a melody.
On another note, I think I have a pretty high emotional debt towards myself. I owe myself either a large tub of ice cream or the grounds to fucking murder someone. Haha.


Over the past two nights, I’ve had a damn good time. It’s been great – made me happy. I have Shaan-kun to thank for that. He’s such a great guy but he won’t admit to it. Ah well, eh? I’m sure I’ll convince him eventually.
Last night, however, I had… A bad dream. I dreamt that I’d died but I still walked as though I was living. People still spoke to me and I could still touch things and move them. It was hard to comprehend. There was a live recording of a song playing on the television in a strange house that I didn’t recognise. I recognised the singer though, unfortunately… I also attended my own funeral. Ha. I made highly sarcastic comments at every given opportunity. Sounds like me, right? So like me it’s unreal. My mother visited my grave a few weeks later. I went with her. It looked like she was the only one that visited.

So this morning, I was listening to the songs on my phone during art. It helps me concentrate. Unfortunately, it meant that I couldn’t skip the tracks because my hands were covered in glue. I was in quite an optimistic mood this morning because I was making good progress with my art. Unfortunately, however, a song that I thought I was rid of just happened to make an appearance. Now this was the song I thought I’d completely lost because of the corruption of my memory stick yesterday. But, somehow, it found its way back onto my phone. I would delete the song but it’s not that simple. Mentally, I am incapable of removing it. Ah well, eh? I’ll survive. I always do.

Lyrical Genius?

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics lately. Just small sections of lyrics. I don’t know what to do with them. I’m not exactly a lyrical genius or anything so the three songs I’ve written considerably suck and I’m sure I’m in the middle of two more… But I can’t find them… Hopefully I’ll get around to writing some more songs.

Songs For Your Soul

A good song reaches past your ears and into your soul. It has meaning, emotion and the means to make you hang on to every lyric. I love this song.