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I Had The Strangest Of Dreams…

Last night, I had the weirdest dream I’ve had in a long while. It doesn’t beat the marshmallow/pineapple thing, mind, but it was odd. This one wasn’t sugar-induced either…

I had a dream that I was running away from home. With my brother. And my stalker. My stalker handed me a small bag-like package and kissed my cheek. Naturally, I punched him in the face for kissing me but thanked him for the package.
He then stood a few metres back and told me to open the package by pulling the cord. So I did. The package folded itself out into… A small helicopter… I’m still not sure how. Anyway. My brother immediately took up the space of the driver’s seat, and I sat in the seat next to him. The weird fold away helicopter just had a joystick in it and these two seats… Shows how little I know about helicopters.
My brother drove (is that the right word?) us above the church and then realised we hadn’t taken any of our clothes or anything from home… So we went back… The helicopter hovered outside my bedroom window. Without a driver. We packed a few bags full of I’m not sure what… Then threw them into the back of the helicopter…
This time, I, uhm, drove. I managed to land by the church. Still not sure why the church. Anyway, stalker was there and came up to us. I’m not sure what he said because the dream had no sound – it was like I was deaf. He ushered us backwards and we fell in a pond or something that I’ve never seen before and something told me to close my eyes. So I did, naturally.
When I reopened my eyes, I watched myself dive into a lake and swim the length of it and back. It looked like I was trying to persuade a small group of people to swim with me. Somehow, something didn’t seem quite right about the way I was persuading them. But I never got to find out because I looked down to see my own hands but I was across the other side of the lake. Which confused me. And then I woke up…

The lake in my dream is pretty damn local. Like, in the park on my way to school kinda local. Is that significant?



My mother was skipping through channels and came across a film. It seems to be a romance and, from what I perceive, the girl seems to be deaf… At first, I thought she was mute but it seems more like she’s just deaf and doesn’t speak.

It reminded me of something a friend once said to me… He had a thing for mute girls because he thought they were cute and wanted to help them… He was one of those guys that are overwhelmingly sweet in that he wanted so badly to help people and stuff like that…¬†He said¬†wanted to write a movie script about a mute girl in high school or something… He asked for my help and showed me what he’d written so far. I thought it was a good idea. He was quite sweet. I never did learn his real name… It’s probably a good thing because he turned out to be just another stalker/pervert/creep. I think I ended up blocking him on Facebook because he was getting in the way of my relationship at the time by telling me how much it wasn’t going to work. It didn’t work in the end though but that never gave him the right to critisize my choices.

Blah Blah Blah

It has come to my attention that I now have a troller. It (it doesn’t deserve a gender due to the fact that it is so goddamn pathetic) seems to have called itself “The Big Bad Wolf” (oh how original) and has followed the link from my profile on Facebook to here. Good for it. I have an idea who it could be but it must be some sort of epic stalker to have taken the time to click on the link and read through my poems. Poems, which I might add, I uploaded months ago. I haven’t written a poem in a long, long time. So I’ll say omedetou to it. Thats Japanese for “congratulations”. Well done.

P.S. Those who do not understand the poem do not deserve to read it.