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I’m thoroughly sick of people telling me they “have people” that tell them things about me. The next person who says that, I will punch in the face. I’m sick of people talking about me when they don’t even talk to me! Besides, how is someone supposed to know that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library when I haven’t seen or spoken to anyone I know?
Maybe I’m paranoid but either someone’s stalking me for information or something stupid or someone’s just keeping an eye out for me… I hate it when I get paranoid.


Twitter is basically the equivalent of shouting out random things in a huge crowd of people that may or may not want to hear them. It’s also good for stalking as you don’t need someone’s permission to follow them. Creepy, huh?
Speaking of stalking, Facebook has become more like “Stalkbook”. Now you can have notifications for when your “close friends” so much as even write a status. You also get a section in the top right corner that tells you every little detail that happens that you don’t care about. Really? What’s the point of that? I wonder if anyone actually uses it. I sure don’t. On a somewhat related note, I urge some people to update their privacy settings before my mind explodes from your severe idiocy.
Going back to Twitter… I like Twitter. You can say what you want without worrying about people seeing it because most of your followers are people you don’t know. I have roughly 210 followers. I probably know about between three and ten of them. I definitely know three of them.
I changed my username on Twitter yesterday because I got bored of my old one. Oppa says it’s over the top. Which also means my MSN display name and Deviant Art username are over the top too. I say fuck you. I really don’t care though. I might change it again later. I have trouble thinking of a good username when it comes right down to it. I find it hard to concentrate. Hard To Concentrate is a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers… Haha.