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Inner Voice

Inside my head,
I’m screaming –
where nobody else can hear me.

It gives no
but to my inner voice.

Those sadists
searching my features for weakness
will never know. I hide it so well.

I do not know what you want.

Nor do I know that I can give.

But you won’t find it here, masochist.

Free me from my prison
of sadism, her and pain!

He has the key – don’t
let him lock me up again!


Tell Me How You’re Feeling

Yes, that’s the feeling.
So trapped I cannot write,
Cannot live my life.

You tell me.
Or just set me free,
Breaking the hold of the chains.

What caused it, you ask?
I have no idea.
Not even a clue,
But the feeling’s not new.

How long?
I don’t know.
Honestly I couldn’t say,
Couldn’t pin-point the day.

Whose fault is it?
Probably my own.
I’m the only one really to blame,
Since I was the one to play this damned game.


Still we wonder,
Still we blunder,
Upon our idols,
Of fools’ gold.

Still we tarry,
Still we marry,
Long after,
Our hearts turned cold.

Still we don’t see,
Still we’re not free,
But trapped inside,
Doomed to grow old.

Still we fall victim,
To our dreams,
That could never,
Be told.