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It’s been an eventful few weeks. My neice was born on the fourteenth (I think) after a very slow labour. She’s very cute. I went to see her a few times. I broke up with my boyfriend on Thursday. Didn’t tell everyone until yesterday. Sometimes I wish emotions didn’t exist because then I couldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Sometimes I wish I never existed to hurt anyone’s feelings. You really cannot win. For now, I wish I was better at dealing with the aftermath of the pain I caused. It’s like I’m living in the padded cell next to his and I can still hear his screams. My subconscious is screaming “Kill me now!” while my logic says “That would only hurt more people. There’s no way to get out of this. Man up and fucking deal with it. It’s your fault anyway, you deserve it.” I say I have a straight jacket on as well so I can’t even cover my ears.


Major Update

I haven’t posted in a while… Quite a bit has happened since then. My Oppa visited a lot; I met his best friend; went to a festival; got drunk for the first time; and had strange sleeping patterns. The Summer holidays have been considerably good to me so far.

The festival I went to with a group of friends was Stoke Pride. It was a festival to celebrate the large collection of homosexual, bisexual and transexual people we have in our city. It was held in a park near the city centre and the line was absolutely huge! We had our bags searched (deciding that it was to prevent homophobe terrorism) and got paper wristbands that ended up crumpled. There were a lot of interesting people at Pride. Quite a number of them dressed up. There was a guy there who we named Dracula because he wore a cape and all black clothes and had pale complexion. He was quite cool, we taught him the caramel dansen. There was also a guy dressed in white short shorts and angel wings. He pulled it off quite well, actually… There was someone on stilts too and many of the guys were cross dressing. All good fun. Sadly, the on stage entertainment was a bunch of lip syncers singing popluar songs. No songs I like were played. I bought candy floss for my mother, she was happy about that, and we got quite a number of “freebies” from the stalls that were put up. My Oppa insisted on buying me a lighter and a Polari Lounge teddy bear keyring ’cause I wanted them but didn’t want to spend any money… It was nice of him, made me smile. Though I’d rather he didn’t spend his money on me.

After Pride was finished and the entertainment was finished and the stalls were all pulled down, my Oppa’s friend turned up and I finally got to meet him. He seemed nice, a little perverted, mind, and decided he wanted to get drunk with me and Oppa and his girl some time. He also wanted to go camping with us. Oppa said no because of how his friend asked him… I don’t blame him.

After all that, we went to a friend’s house and slept over after getting drunk. It was a lot of fun. Turns out I’m a horny drunk (totally expected of me…). I think the drink may have just amplified my mood. I did a lot of dancing. I like dancing but I suck at it so I don’t do it very often. Everybody had a good time. I’d like to do it again.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 4am after having a nightmare. Yeah, I know, it sounds childish. Luckily, my Oppa was sleeping over and he came and held me like he did before. It was nice. I like it when he does that… This morning I woke up at about 11am. Go figure.

Last night, my beloved older sister began to go into labour. She’s finally going to give birth after so many days past her due date. She was due on the second of August. Apparently, she’s gone into slow labour and may be sent home later in the day. Poor girl. But it’ll be okay because she’ll give birth to my beautiful baby niece. I’m actually quite excited. Hopefully the birth goes well. More updates on that later.

Update Update Update

I finally got around to updating the software on my phone… It sucks. But I’m getting used to it, I guess. I’m just annoyed that it deleted all the apps I got off of the Android Market and I forgot to back up all my files… So, yeah… All my apps, including the one with all my lyric notes on, were deleted. I got most of them back though so it’s not all bad…