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Penny For Your Thought?

I’ve been getting really lazy with blogging. I keep meaning to blog about stuff while I’m out but then, when I get home, I collapse in a heap and am virtually dead to the world. I’m not dead to the virtual world, however, because I spend most of that time on MSN or replying to Facebook messages. Or Facebook pokes. The pokes are starting to bug me. No matter, I’ll just ignore them.
Right now, I should be sleeping… So I guess I’ll try and get back to that…


What am I supposed to do with them? I don’t want to post them because they’re not exactly relevant any longer but I don’t want to delete them either. If the “Publish on” section details a date way before today’s date and I post them today, will they go back into that month/day’s archives? Or will they be published as posts today? I’m confused.


I think WordPress needs a function where you can just post pictures without having to make a new blog entry… I’d definitely post more pictures that way. Ah well, eh?

That’s Not Spam?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really should check my blog on the computer more often. The app on my phone doesn’t allow me to deal with spam comments and it seems that all comments from people who haven’t registered on WordPress get marked as “Spam” and I don’t get to see them. Thanks WordPress. Why can sites not recognise actual spam? Not even Hotmail recognises actual spam. Emails that are urgent that you need to read seem to go into the “Junk” folder. What is technology coming to? It seems they’re overprotecting their sites.

My Own Little World

I spend my time on MSN, Facebook and WordPress and generally just online or engaging in some other activity that doesn’t involve physically interacting with other people. Why? Because it’s the easier to deal with reality. It could be argued that it’s not reality. Everything on the internet can be faked. But then again, everything in reality can be faked… I’m constantly absorbed in my own little world asking myself the same question: what is actually real? I have yet to find an answer to this daunting question. After fifteen years of living, my home life still continues to convince me that there’s really nothing to live for while my online and social lives both try to convince me otherwise. The only things keeping me here are the people I hold dearly and fear of finding out the truth about life… I wonder… Would anyone be truly sad when I’m gone? Or would they just think they missed me? Is the reality I’m forced to dwell in just a pack of lies thrown across the table like playing cards? There’s only one way to find out… So it looks like I wont find out for a while seeing as though I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolution this year…